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.Wild Rose wins Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle Yacht Race – Loki takes Blue Water Pointscore
Roger Hickman has won the 213 nautical mile Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle Yacht Race overall with his 25 year-old yacht Wild Rose, crossing the Hunter River finish line at 05.44.50 hours this morning.
.Loki claims line honours in race to Newcastle
Stephen Ainsworth and his Loki crew from Sydney have claimed line honours in the Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle Yacht Race tonight, crossing the finish line in the Hunter River at 18.48.23 hours this evening, in the elapsed time of 1 day, 6hrs, 48 mins and 23 secs.
.Loki and Victoire give no quarter in battle for honours
A battle of wills to win the Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle Yacht Race continues up the NSW Central Coast today, as line honours front runner Loki tries to stay ahead on time to overcome the never-ending challenge from her smaller opponent, Victoire, to score overall honours in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s final Blue Water Pointscore race.
.Copernicus overcomes a hard night at sea to take race lead
Creative, imaginative and concise is the mindset competitors in the Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle Yacht Race would have found themselves in overnight, as the 18-boat fleet struggled in the extremely light conditions that had most of the fleet choosing an inshore route, with the exception of Pretty Fly III.
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2011 Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle Yacht Race - Weather Briefing
Gallery Stills

Distance to go - in nautical miles Speed over ground - in knots Heading - bearing in degrees
Loki Finished - 01:06:48:23
  IRC - 0/1
Loki Finished - 01:06:48:23
  IRC - 2
Wild Rose Finished - 01:17:44:50
Copernicus Finished - 01:16:39:57
Quetzalcoatl Finished - 01:18:10:09

Wild Rose
This well recognised Farr 43 has won many Australian east coast races and championships under Roger Hickman’s watch including the 1993 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Hicko has brought together many long time sailing friends who have a special affection for the champion offshore yacht to form the 2010/11 Wild Rose crew
The Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle Yacht Race is organised by Cruising Yacht Club of Australia with the co-operation of the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club

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